Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Thug Nation Artists Talk 14/10/10

A Selection of Photographs taken at the Artists Talks at Book Thug Nation, Brooklyn, on October 14th 2010.

Artists Talking were (in order of appearance) Sarah H. Paulson, Sebastian Hau-Walker, Hoke Mongkol Pleinbangchang, Peter Barren, Elinor Famutimi.

Below: Sarah H. Paulson, USA, Brooklyn.
[With thanks to Hoke asking the questions as Holly Faurot]

Below: Mongkol Pleinbangchang, Thailand:

Below: Erik 'Hoke' Hokanson, USA/Brooklyn:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Artists Talks at Book Thug Nation (part 2)

More photographs of the Artists Talks at Book Thug Nation. Featuring Arai Shin Ichi, Mongkol PleinBangChang, Chaw Ei Thein & Lee Wen.

Above: Monghkol PleinBangChang performs.

Above: Chaw Ei Thein talks about her work in the context of the political situation in Burma.

After the Talks, outside Book Thug.

Artists Talks at Book Thug Nation

New Grace Guest Artists' Lectures Series
100 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn

"Four Artists Tell it Like it Is:
Arai Shin Ichi
Lee Wen
Chaw Ei Thein
Monkgol Pleinbangchang

From: Japan, Singapore, Burma, Thailand"

Thursday, October 7
8:00 PM

Complimentary red wine available
100 North 3rd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
100 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn" width="367">

Dont miss these artists discuss their artwork or whatever they wish in advance of their shows at Grace Space on Friday the 8th!

Directions to Book Thug Nation

100 North 3rd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

L train to Bedford Avenue. Walk south to North 3rd Street. Turn right, 100 North 3rd Street is between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue, one block from Bedford Avenue

Photographs of the event:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hidden Wisdom: Pop-Occultism

Rob drumming from ericku on Vimeo.

Rob Corsetti's Live performance at the end of the show which started the dance party.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LA CONGELADA DE UVA [MEXICO] Friday, July 10 8-11 pm

840 BROADWAY, 2nd Floor - Brooklyn
(646) 578-3402



"Marshmallow's Ritual"

Friday, July 10
8:00 - 11:00 PM
Free / By Donation


9:00 live music by Dorako
10:00 performance by La Congelada

co-presented in collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Institute in New York City

La Congelada de Uva
Doing performances is the only way I can get my own life back, which has me by the balls.

Through Action Art, those outside see how you lay yourself bare, how you stumble, slip and slide, how you contagiously segregate adrenaline, fear, arousal, and your palpitations boil over into your audacity against a world that charges a high price for daring to be. But the art of performance protects me, it’s my ally and punishes the meddling of censorship and reprimand or attempted castration by turning them all into part of the show.

If anyone dares to indulge in such actions during a performance, they’ll be devoured and end up being part of the furniture, thus enriching the transgression. Performance swallows everything; it’s voracious, precise, skilful, categorical in the struggle against idiocy.

What shouldn’t be done, for the Congelada to do it? Those are the starting points of my Action Art.

La Congelada de Uva www.congeladadeuva.com

The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York

J-M-Z train to Flushing or Myrtle
& walk 3 blocks east from Flushing,
or 3 blocks west from Myrtle
#840 Broadway, 2nd Floor (btwn. Ellery St. & Park Ave.)
entrance left of liquor store - ring top buzzer
call for more directions: (646) 578-3402

Our mission is the glorification of performance art.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Grace Space in W'burg! Opening Friday, May 22

We've taken the plunge and rented a second location, as a companion to Grace Exhibition Space!

This new gallery will be for displaying, marketing and accessing the photographic documentation, video and artifacts that remain after a performance is over.

The two spaces will cpmplement each other - Grace Exhibition Space exists for performance art actions, while the gallery provides access to the post-performance works.

Come out Friday night and watch it all begin! Opening is from 7:00 - 9:00
inside Front Room Gallery
147 Roebling
between Metropolitan Ave & Hope Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211



Grace Exhibition Space is committed to providing a venue for local, national and international performance artists in a gallery setting.

At Grace Space, we felt a need to create a gallery that focuses on performance as an art form on its own, despite the difficulties in defining “What is performance art?”

Wikipedia: Performance art is art in which the actions of an individual or a group at a particular place and in a particular time constitute the work. It can happen anywhere, at any time, or for any length of time. Performance art can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer's body and a relationship between performer and audience. It is opposed to painting or sculpture, for example, where an object constitutes the work.

On May 22, we are opening a companion gallery to Grace Space at 147 Roebling Street in Williamsburg. The new gallery provides a market for the photographic documentation, video and artifacts that remain after the performance is over. By putting this spotlight on the art inherent in the performance, we seek to generate new discussions about the nature of art and the role of performance in art.
Jill McDermid. Director, Grace Exhibition Space

From 2006-2008 Grace Space was run by Jill McDermid and Melissa Lockwood.

Grace Exhibition Space is run by Jill McDermid, a performance artist since 1998.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Arai Shin-Ichi

Arai did some beautiful work in the last few weeks. I'll post some pics soon.